Friday, December 11, 2009

HARPSE on Black Tie Event...again

I figured out an outfit. Now I just got to go buy the last thing, and that is my hot pink tights. I not planning to go like regular Black Tie event attire, but more like BCBG/party night/H&M/VOGUE/whatever my style is. I wasn't feeling the whole ballroom gown WHY? because it was only for one night and I don't know when we'll have another one of these things.

So I guess I won't have a date WHY? because James is not able to go anymore because his dad said he couldn't stay with us this weekend. URRRGGGG!! Man! I really had a cute outfit for him too. Oh Well! I guess that means I'm going to be wearing the black tie tonight. Hehheheee! Oh! YEAh! that's right I'm wearing hot pink tights and a black tie (plus other things too lol). My clothes isn't what I like about my outfit;but, it's my accessories that I like!

One of my aphorism on fashion:

Girl, if you're outfit ain't bangin'; you're accessories should be!

Meaning, if you're outfit isn't that good. Then make sure the little things (i.e.: hair, hair accessories, tights, purse, shoes, etc..) are hot.

So, I also figured out a hairstyle too. It's probably going to look a lil something like this:


Pamela said...

HAHAHA. I love the aphorism.