Wednesday, December 2, 2009

HARPSE on Black Tie Event...

So as you know, the Blue Bomber Black Tie Event is coming up very soon. More like next friday. And I somewhat have this imaginary outfit picked out for me. In involves a dress, my black boot/heels, a fake pearl haedband, and a cute messy looking bow. I guess for this event, I'll be going a little Vogue-ish. So I looked up what the regular attire is for these types of events, but I wasn't really feeling it. So Yeah, I decided to go with the Vogue.

However,also for these types of events, you usually go with dates, so my date is none other than Mr. James Le. I know haaha! cute. So, I manage on Black Friday,to do alittle GQ mens shopping for the bub. So this was my idea:

I know... SICK right. Well yeah that WAS my idea. I don''t know if it will still work though. Although, I did manage to actually find a nice Black tie.