Thursday, July 30, 2009

Musician Shout Out

For all you girls (you know who are) that love to ask me about my music. Well here, I decide to do this thing called Musician Blast Out. So, on these posts I will let you on a few artists that I think are cool and legit to listen too. Of course these people will be Christian (NO DUHHHH!) So, don't ask me if they are.
The first one I would like to expose is actually one of my all-time favorites; his name is Mat Kearney. As you're reading my blog, the player is probably playing one of his songs.

I have to say his best songs are:

1. Runaway Car
2. New York to California
3. Never Be Ready

The second one is a band I just found out about like a month ago it's called Rootdown.

This band is pretty good. First time I heard them was on Air 1. Only thing I want to download their song but I can't. But I'll get it some how.

Their best song:

1. Taking Over Me