Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beginnings of MOPAR!!!!

So every Wednesday, I go to this car show on El Camino Expssway and Scot Rd, in the parking lot of the old Mervyn's, and go look at old 1950's to early 1980's cars. Let me the first to say if you never been PLEASE GO! Those cars are so nice. I know I'm a girl and all but who said girls can't be into cars. Well anyways, every so often I go there, there are the old late 1970's Chrysler-Dodge cars. Man-Oh-man! Let me say Every car they made back then could have kept the same old body shape because they are still good! I have to give it up for Chrysler-Dodge because they can make some GOOOOD cars! Everytime I go, I get this Chrysler pride. "GLAD TO BE A CHRYSLER" - 300 that is to be exact!

Dodge Challenger:

Dodge Charger:

Plymouth-Dodge Road Runner:

Oh Yeah! That's what I'm talking about....HEMI

So..if you don't know what is MOPAR. MOPAR is the engine or performance maker for any Dodge-Chrysler cars. So next time you see my car look on the side of my windows and you'll see a small print on there that say MOPAR.