Friday, March 27, 2009

The Jamesy P. Edition (March)

Hey!.. so I'm back again with an update on James. So, on the 24th of this month was James' birthday and he got a new game, Nike shoes, and a skateboard. Yep! that's right a skateboard. So, on Thursday (the 26th), Noah had a birthday party at Campbell Skatepark...... COINCIDENCE, I THINK NOT! It was funny while we were driving to Noah's party, James kept asking who was going to be there and are they all good skateboarders. Just to let you know this is James' first time skateboarding. It was cute, you could SO tell he was nervous and scared. But, here are some few pictures and a video of James....

It was funny; watching him slip off the board. Although, he did do better than I thought he would do. OH YEAH! How could I forget..... here's a video of James and his hidden talent. Hehehehehehehe!!!!


sweetpeabea said...

HAhaha James is so cute!