Monday, February 16, 2009

The Jamesy P. Edition (Feburary)

Hey guys! What's Up! I'm back with another update on the Bubba!

Well, it's been a few weeks! Anyways! Well, guess what!? James is going to be signing up for Pop Warner this year.! It's going to be really exciting! In the summer, he played football for YMCA. He did really good too. It was really surprising. Never knew he could play! Back in late September he did football for his school. They won most of their games, 3-3, but they were still okay.

But this year he's going to be one of these:

This is going to be scary, but cute. Don't worry he doesn't want to be in the NFL. He wants to go to college. He just likes it as something fun to do. Atleast, that's what he tells me. Well, im excited.

P.S.- next time I'll let you in on the James' other side, his black side. It's scary and kind of funny.


sweetpeabea said...

Me you and him need to go to santa cruz again!
it was fun but this time he needs to bring a buddy! ;)