Monday, June 29, 2009

Jamesy P. Edition: June

AHHHHH! James is in middle school. O! My Gosh! I can still remember the day when he was like 3 and it was his first day of pre-school. Oh! man! Back then he was seriously a lil' cutie! BUT! That was then. And this is now. On the last day of school James had an awards ceremony. At the awards cermony James recieved about 4 awards( So YES he was one of those nerdy Asian kids). He receieved a Principal's Award, Academic Award, some award from his teacher, and a signed(computer-generated) letter award from President Barack Obama. So yeah, he's one of those REALLY nerdy Asian kids.

Then here's a picture of his grandma, teacher, and his mom (L to R):

This one is of him and his sister:

These next ones are him and his school friends: