Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Beautiful Melody

At my school, in my Bible class, we watched this video about Rhythm & God. The video is by a group called NOOMA. The guy who does the video is called Rob Bell. This video is about what it means to have a relationship with God, to trust in God, and to live the kind of life he taught us to live so we can have a relationship with Him. The video, also, talks about the way we live every day, and how every single choice we make and determine shows how in tune and in rhythm we are with God. Now, I don't usually cry(or in man-language: eyeball-sweating) over things or about things, but this video got me. Not really of what Rob Bell was talking about, however what he did say was true. It was because of the song that was playing in the background. It sounded so BEAUTIFUL!

-Sorry, spanish words on the bottom, I tried to find one without the words.


Audrey Nicole said...
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Audrey Nicole said...

Sorry i spelt a word wrong and had no way of correcting it :[
What I said was, that was awesome.
I enjoyed watching it very much. I loved the music and loved what he had to say. Makes perfect sense.
Love ya girl!

Leah said...

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing =)